Thursday, 19 June 2014

You Say Orange Is The New Black?

Orange Is The New Black

Items from left to right: Fanny Crown Aztec Orange DressBoohoo Button Down CamiBoohoo Stripe Maxi SkirtASOS Slim Ankle GrazersTopshop Underwear SetMissguided Eyelash Lace PlaysuitRiver Island Floral Top.

I have been inspired. Yes. Inspired. Anyone watched the new series of Orange Is The New Black yet? I logged onto Netflix and watched the whole series in a couple of days. Addicted? A little. I love the whole women outlook on prison. I love the stories of each character. Most of all I love how it's inspired by a true story... Kind of unbelievable that it is. But hey ho, it's a good watch.

The show is out there, I mean it's raunchy, but, I like it. 

As it's Summer I thought I'd make a whole post dedicated to the colour orange. I've had this idea for a week now and I was so excited researching all the pieces and I hope you like them! What's your favourite?

orange is the new black photo:  tumblr_mq9298U8s31sw1zs4o8_250.gif

Who's your favourite character on Orange Is The New Black? Mine is Suzanne (Crazy Eyes).

Thanks for reading! 

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Hannah x


  1. Hearing about this show everywhere...what am I missing??!!! I do like orange though...just bought some orange fabric for my next project in fact ;-)

  2. I don't like the color orange tbh.

  3. I too have literally watched a whole season in about 3 days, I'm obsessed! I love that floral river island top, it is beautiful! My favourite character is Lorna, I think she has a great back story :D

  4. What a fab idea for a post! Some great picks :)
    I use to love Suzanne as well but I found her hard to watch in series 2. I really like Lorna, she's so sweet to them all <3


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