Monday, 17 August 2015

CV Building // Personal Details

As a twenty year old undergraduate, I feel like I understand the importance of a well structured CV. I have been in employment since 2011 and have had SO many interviews with SO many different companies. I thought I would create a new blog series all about CV building because they can be a pain to start but once you've got a first draft sorted it's really easy to keep them updated as the years go on.

The first topic I'm going to discuss is the personal details section. Now this is quite an important part of your CV as it tells an employer:
  1. Who you are
  2. How they can contact you
  3. What skills you possess
At the top of your page, write your full name. You then want to include your address, post code, home telephone number, mobile phone number and your email address. You want the employer to easily find your contact details. Here's an example of how my CV is set up:

After writing about your contact details, you want to write a paragraph on your skills. In this section I write about any school clubs I was in, for example, I was in the orchestra, I was a prefect and was on the prom committee. Some of the skills you could have gained from these positions are teamwork, leadership, gained confidence, social skills, setting an example and offering advice.

After I've wrote about school I like to include some information about college. If you went to a Welsh college, you had to study the Welsh Baccalaureate. This was a diploma which involved lots of work, lots!! Skills you can write about here are: time management and organisation. The Welsh Baccalaureate lead to qualifications in many key skills which are looked highly upon by universities and employers, so here you would write what key skills you achieved: numeracy, communication and ICT (to name a few).

These may only sound stupid to you, but, this has definitely worked for me. Naming your skills clearly to employers at the beginning of your CV makes them aware of the type of person you are. Therefore, they'll have a better idea if you are suited to the role.

Good luck and make sure to catch the next post on CV building!
Thanks for reading!

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