Sunday, 29 September 2013

First week of university

So the first week is officially over and done with. Wow. That was... Scary. I met new people, from all over the UK and even further around the world. I met my lecturers, I chose my modules, I drove to university and survived (not the best driver!) I have actually shocked myself at how well I coped and I just want to share my advice and what my first week was about!

Firstly I'd like to say, talk to strangers! I know, when you were younger your parents would tell you not to. But let's face it, you are on your own and you have no idea where you are supposed to be for your lectures, or even who's on your course?! So talk to people! Ask them if they're here for the same welcome talk as you. Ask them what they're studying. Ask them where they're from. Ask them where they're staying! Lastly, take their numbers/facebook/twitter!! You can meet up with them during freshers and find out more about them!

My first week consisted of three days. Three days of welcome talks, money talks, library talks, course structure talks... All pretty boring. However I attended all of the lectures. I thought I should because I'm living at home during university so I need to get socialising as much as possible with my classmates! 

I found out my timetable (5 days a week) *sigh* but at least this means I will be committed to my studies... Right? 

I worked out my budget. I will do a money management post next week and show you just how my money is being spent and my advice for loans, grants and bursaries. 

Yeah so this was just a quickie. I hope you enjoyed reading. I like keeping you all up to date with my university adventures! 

Thanks for reading!

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Outfit of the night

Freshers time.

I went for these shorts to make it easy for me to move about in. I paired the shorts with a black cami to smarten the look up. I didn't go for anything tight fitting because it was one of those bloated days haha!

I wore my studded chelsea boots which I adore! They so stylish and comfortable to walk in!
I searched on Ebay and found an almost identical pair for £9.99! Buy them here!!

This outfit was literally the comfiest I have worn in a while!!!! Loved it. Especially the shorts. OMG so much love for the shorts!! (From Asda)

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 23 September 2013

My first day of university

The day arrived. I didn't think it would, but it did. The night before I was so nervous. Shakingly nervous. So nervous I started thinking I had made the wrong decision to go to university! 

But anyway, the morning came of my first day at university and it was a chilly start! I wore jeans, a peplum top and my leather jacket and got into my car. It was odd. I wasn't nervous. As soon as I got into my car all the scary feelings and mixed emotions disappeared. I suddenly thought, woah, this is it. A new start. This is where I am going to become me! 

I paid £2.50 for all day parking about 3 minutes away from the university so that was great! I walked in and went to my first meeting point to collect my welcome pack and meet the staff and students. Remember, I am living at home, so I knew no one. No one!! I looked around the crowd and thought to myself, I can't stand here alone for much longer! So I approached two girls. They turned out to be really lovely and told me how, 'brave,' I was for saying hello. 

I then had to go to another lecture theatre for the welcome talks from the Geography department. This talk was quite interesting and laid out the structure of the course and what modules were available! I made another friend who I sat next to in this talk! The first day seemed awkward, but funny when you think back at it!

Module selection 

All degrees have different ways of going about this. I was told that single honours first years have to choose a further 20 credits (usually two topics) to study on top of 100 compulsory credits. As I am doing joint honours, 110 of my 120 credits were already compulsory so I only had to pick one more module! The modules I am studying are:

  • Introduction to Social Policy: Social Problems and Welfare Institutions (20)
  • Concepts, Ideas and Ideologies in Social Policy: an Introduction (10)
  • Introduction to Social Policy: The Modern Era (20)
  • Sustainability in a fragile world (10)
  • Global environmental change: The human impact (10)
  • People Place and Nation (10)
  • Global Shifts: Towards a New World Order? (10)
  • Geographical skills (20)
  • Mobility and Migration (10) 
 I chose to take Mobility and Migration because that is the topic I'm really interested in at the moment and I do think it will be suitable for my future career. 

Student finance

Today is the date where I am supposed to get my first installment of my grant. Also people I know with loans get paid today as well. But I am still patiently waiting for the money to pop into my account. I feel as if I'm channelling my sensible side and I will be putting the money straight into a savings account so I don't spend it all at once!

Induction week

I was in university today 10am to 4pm, tomorrow 10am to 3.30pm, and then Wednesday 10am to 12pm. Not a bad first week! I will keep you updated on my university experience next Monday!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

I read so many reviews of this mascara and watched so many Youtube videos about this product. They all were so praising, I thought why not indulge myself! I was on the plane home from Spain and this roughly came to £16.50... Not a huge discount, I know! 

First Impressions

This first time I applied this mascara it was amazing! I could build up so many layers and my eyelashes actually looked false. They were spidery looking, but I didn't mind this look. The mascara was easy to apply and the wand really intrigued me with the bristles being all over the applicator even on the end. This is supposed to make it easy to coat even the trickiest lashes with this mascara! I was impressed and glad I bought it!

Extended Review

This mascara was the first 'high end' mascara I had purchased and I was happy with it for around 2-3 weeks! However as the formula got drier, the mascara really didn't appeal to me anymore! I continued using it because.. Well it was £16.50! Whereas the mascara I was using before I bought on a wim and must say, I prefer that one! Seventeen Peep Show Mascara coated my lashes well and lengthened and volumised them just the way I wanted them! For the record, this mascara retails for £6.29 in Boots, and Benefit They're Real retails for £19.50 in Boots. 

I don't think I will buy a high end mascara ever again to be honest. I think it's a waste of money.. Especially being like me, a student. You can find cheap mascaras on the high street for much less money and they'll last longer as the formula doesn't dry up so quickly and completely change the look and feel of the mascara.

Hope you've enjoyed reading my review!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

How to cope with friends moving to university..

This is a touchy subject. I am going to show you my top five tips on how to cope with your friends moving away. I didn't think I'd be so emotional when my friends moved away, but how I was wrong. My friendship group is massive and I'm only really close friends with a few people. One of my friends has moved away today, and he's not just down the road, he's miles away. It's so sad to know that I won't be seeing him until Christmas. You've got to realise, you won't be going out with them on the weekend, they'll have new friends. It won't end up just being you two at the end of the night, you'll have new friends. It's hard to think now, but in the next couple of weeks, you'll have a new friendship group, possibly a better friendship group.. One that shares your interests, and so will your friends.

#1 - Let them go! 

Don't moan to them constantly about how much you will miss them and don't want them to go! They will probably end up crying the first night, becoming unsociable  and transferring to a university closer to home within the first couple of weeks! You must remember they chose that university because they wanted to go there, so encourage them to go there and tell them that they will make tonnes of new friends!

#2 - Let them settle in!

The first couple of nights is when people socialise the most and get to know their flatmates. So don't text/call/skype/tweet them 24/7. They will not appreciate that and begin to think that you're an overly attached friend. You must remember university is where most people find their best friends, and I know, it sounds awful. If they're true friends, they will never lose contact with you.

#3 - Goodbye presents!

I believe that surprise presents will make your friends appreciate you so much more. A card with a personal note inside will make your friends know exactly how you feel about them moving away! Don't forget the, 'DON'T FORGET ME,' note underlined!! I also recommend a good picture of you both, one that can be put in their room for all their new friends to look at. A bottle of their favourite drink/alcohol. In university, you're not allowed to put nails in the walls, so how about some blue tac or sticky dots! Presents like these will all add up to the perfect package!

#4 - The last gathering!

Before you all leave for university, you have to all meet up together, just one last time before Christmas! How about drinks out? Film night? Board game night? Chinese? Pizza? Anything will do! Just make sure everyone enjoys and says their goodbyes! It's a sad time, but you have to make it fun for everyone as they will be feeling like they don't want to leave home.

#5 - Skype!

I cannot stress this enough. GET A SKYPE ACCOUNT! You can see them regularly, talk to them, show them things! You can even meet their flatmates, and vice versa! A weekly/fortnightly/monthly Skype session will prove that you are true friends and will always be in each other's lives, even when you are living miles away!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, good luck with university! Make some good lifelong friends!

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