Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Studying At Home // The Open University

When I was younger, I always dreamt of becoming 18 and going straight to university, starting my life as an adult and falling in love. Well... That didn't really go to plan haha! I took a few months out and thought about what I really wanted to do in my lifetime. I blogged a lot in those months and really had a passion for it. I love the writing aspect of blogging, it just makes me feel relaxed and creative. I knew I wanted to study something that involved Creative Writing but none of the courses were close to home and I am the biggest homebird. That's when I came across The Open University. The thought of working at home scared me a little bit and I wasn't 100% sure I'd be able to do it. Four months into my university course, I still have a passion for it. Learning excites me. Planning my week, research tasks, submitting assignments and reading feedback all still appeals to me! I always have said, if I don't like doing something, I won't do it anymore (hence why I dropped out of Swansea University last March). This post is for people who want to know more about The Open University and hopefully it will help you out to decide whether or not you can make it work for you.

Friday, 2 January 2015

Quick Update and 2015 New Year Resolutions!

So... I may have given myself a month off from blogging... Maybe even a little longer, but who's counting the days right?! I have had the most busiest month of essay writing and working non stop and catching up with friends and drinking too much. Now it's time to reign in the busy schedule, take a month off alcohol and clubbing, focus on money saving and continuing my university course. Happy New Year!

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