Monday, 28 April 2014

Makeup and Skincare Reviews // New In

We all love a makeup review or seven right? These are products I've had from around Christmas time and have stood out to me! I thought I'd write reviews for you all to hear my opinions on these products and maybe even persuade one or two of you to jump on the bandwagon! I've got mascaras, lipsticks, highlighters, concealers and a few Korres products here to show you! Let's get on with the reviews!

ASOS Magazines really do brighten up my day! In love with the watermelon cut out dress! Head over to for your copy!

Avon SuperShock Mascara

The wand of this mascara is super thick with quite small plastic bristles. This makes it easier to coat every lash with lashings of mascara! The thickness of the wand plumps up the volume of my lashes to the maximum. The formula itself, is quite liquidy but not as wet as the Maybelline the Rocket mascara. I've only been using this mascara for about two weeks and I am loving the look it gives!

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer

This was a treat to myself in January. The amount of concealer you get (10ml) is a lot of product, and I don't mind paying the £15 for it because of this. I wear the shade NW20 just in case you're wondering. The formula of the concealer is quite runny and liquid. It's by no means as creamy as the Lasting Perfection Collection Concealer, which I was previously using. However, once this concealer sets, it does NOT move. For that I am grateful. It's wonderful. I've heard people describe it as a sheer concealer but I would completely disagree with that statement. It's runny yeah, but the product covers so well. I have really red and irritated skin, and the concealer covers up my Rudolf the Reindeer nose perfectly. Also, when applied throughout the day, it does not cake and hardly needs to be touched up at all!

Rimmel Lipstick

I bought this lipstick on a whim if I'm honest. I just wanted a new red lipstick as it was my birthday. The lipstick applies very smoothly and runs over any dry skin almost velvety. It's moisturizing yet has amazing coverage! I think this is my favourite highstreet/drugstore lipstick I've ever tried (trust me, I've tried many!) The staying power isn't great but it doesn't kill to just apply throughout the day/night! I also love the purple packaging!

Korres Gift Set

I have been dying to try any products from the Korres brand since I heard Kate from Ghost Parties talk about the brand in one of her videos. I had a gift set for Christmas and have been trying out four of the products since. I loved the hand cream, body moisturiser and the tinted lip balm, however the face cream did not go hand in hand with my skin unfortunately! I loved the texture of it and it had SPF! But the rose ingredients made my skin break out and I had to stop using it!

Seventeen Cheek Stamp

First of all the packaging sold me. Completely. The reality of stamping the product onto your cheeks isn't so great.... But the product is lovely! It's a powder blush, but I find it buttery and easy to blend. I usually apply two stamps onto my cheeks and then take a brush and blend blend blend. Not too expensive either which can only be an advantage.

Avon Glimmersticks

I have two different formulas of these! The first one is from the original line and is in the shade Saturn Grey. I thought I'd try this out as it is less harsh than a black eyeliner. It applies well and is perfect for a smokey eye! The second one I have is from the Diamonds range and is in the colour Sugar Plum. Oh my gosh, this may be my favourite thing ever! If I ever want to create a stand out from the crowd look, I choose this! It's super sparkly and looks great in photos! Like the other glimmerstick, it's creamy and create a lovely smudged and smokey effect!

Revlon Eye Brightener and Primer

I bought this when I was running out of my Urban Decay Primer Potion, and couldn't justify spending that much on an eye primer again! It was 3 for 2 in Boots so this was my free product! I love it. I never thought I could fall in love with a product like this but I have. I don't think I could go a day without this! It can be used as a highlighter as well and I wear it to prime my eyelids and also highlight my cheekbones and cupids bow! The primer holds eyeshadow almost the same as the Primer Potion and is a fraction of the price. Snaps for Revlon!

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Top Ten Summer Staples

Summer is just around the corner, believe it or not. You wouldn't think it if you live in the UK, but it is! Before you know it it's going to be May! How fast has this year gone? Really. Fast. This year I'm going on holiday to Bulgaria so I thought I'd do some online window shopping. Do you do this too? Or is it just me? I always put things into a basket and just laugh at the amount it all costs and then turn my laptop off. #PoorPeopleProblems.

I've put together a list of ten items which I think are NEEDED for the Summer. That's correct, need. Hahaha!

1. A simple playsuit.

When it's warm outside, I always just chuck on something that's easy to wear. Playsuits do this for me. Just one item of clothing and you're ready to hit the beach. I fell in love with this one from Missguided, it's £24.99 and has really cute crochet detailing. The sizes range from a UK6 to 14. Click here to buy.

2. A vibrant crop top.

Loud prints are always in style in the Summer. Summer is where you can wear any colours/patterns you want to! This crop top from River Island has a lovely palm print and the crop style would look perfect with high waisted shorts! This gorgeous tropical top is only £12! Click here to buy.

3. A cute backpack.

This style of bag is so easy to carry around with you in the day time. Especially if you're going on holiday this year, you should definitely invest in a backpack as they distribute weight evenly on your shoulders. This blue gingham one is from Topshop and retails for £34. Click here to buy.

4. Florals

Summer = florals. I'm not 100% sold on flowery patterns but I did come across this gorgeous playsuit from Daisy Street. The cage front detail really stood out to me and it really wants me to buy it! To make things even better, this playsuit is only £19.99!! Click here to buy.

5. Sunglasses.

We must all protect our eyes in the sunny weather! These ones are only £5.99 from Daisy Street and I will 100% be purchasing these before my holiday in June! Click here to buy.

6. Floral crowns.

If these don't shout out festival chic, I don't know what do! This style is my ultimate favourite. So cute and delicate! This lilac head crown retails for £9 from Dolly Bow Bow. Click here to buy.

7. Kimono.

I think everyone should own at least one of these. I sadly, don't, as of yet! I like this one from H&M as it is simple and would probably go with a lot of outfits. The price of this kimono is £29.99 and it has bead detailing. Click here to buy.

8. Denim shorts. 

Denim shorts, whether they are light, indigo, acid or a black wash. You need them! Denim shorts are essential for the Summer in my opinion. I found this pair from Miss Selfridge and love the lace hem! They are £35. Click here to buy.

9. Bikini.

Whatever body shape you are, you will find a bikini to compliment your type! Recently I've seen so many blogs, instagram accounts and Youtuber's raving about Triangl and oh. My. God. Every piece on that website is utterly perfect. This is the Miami Mint bikini and it retails for £47.12 (when converted from dollars.) Click here to buy.

10. Jelly shoes.

Again, everyone seems to be talking about jelly shoes. I'm not completely sold but I found these ones from New Look super cute. What's even better, is that they're only £9.99! Click here to buy.

Hope you've all enjoyed this post, what are your Summer staples this year?

Thanks for reading!

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Confident & Beautiful // Socialisation

Can you believe it? It's the LAST post in the Confident & Beautiful series! It's been so much fun creating the content for these posts and I'd definitely love your opinions on the whole mini series! The reason I began writing these posts was to bring up the topic of confidence as I know for a fact, that young people are seriously affected by negative body images. I've developed myself into believing that everyone is different, and everyone is beautiful in a unique way. People will love your flaws as it's the imperfections that make us perfect... Right?!

I used to be so worried about the way I looked, my face, body, hair, clothes, everything was effected! I felt like I had to look a certain way to please society... Well, guess what? You don't. Having a range of different people in the world makes everything interesting! If every single blog was the same, would you read them all? Probably not. Variety is good.

In this weeks post, I will be discussing the topic of socialisation and how it can make you feel more confident. 

As I've already mentioned, everyone is different. We can't really change the way we look or act so we all must learn to love ourselves. Starting a blog has really opened up my world. I've met people from all over the world and talk to them about things that we're both interested in. Being social, even if it's just over the internet, will make you feel more confident.

Not many people know that I run and produce content for my own blog, I've only told my parents and one of my friends. This isn't because I'm embarrassed, it's because this is my little escape. I love this blog. I've recently hit 50 followers on Bloglovin' and I'm so happy about that! Thank you to everyone who wants to read what I have to say!

I've recently started an Instagram account for my blog because I want this blog to be a success. Instagram will let me socialise even more with you all and I will follow you back if that helps? Haha. You can follow me by clicking on the button below!



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I find this so fun to scroll through when I have spare time and it's so easy to like your favourite posts to read in the future.

And that's about it. The Confident & Beautiful mini series is complete. I hope you've all enjoyed these posts as I have loved preparing and producing them! I feel really proud of them if I'm honest. I hope you all feel more confident and beautiful as we're all different, and we're all beautiful! If anyone tells you any different, they're jealous as they see a spark in you which they don't have. Thank you all so much for reading and getting me to fifty followers on Bloglovin!

Let me know your opinions on this series, and also let me know if there's anything you want me to blog about! You can read the other posts in the series by clicking on the links below:

Thanks for reading! 

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Confident & Beautiful // Fashion

Clothes are essential. Clothes cover your body and show exactly what you want to be seen. Whether that's your legs, cleavage, arms, feet, shoulders... Or nothing at all. Showing your body off through fashion can be daunting. I know to me it is anyway! I'm a size ten and am around 5"3 (if that). Finding clothes to wear which suit my body shape and are on trend are sometimes hard to come by. Lately I have had a huge love for finding new clothes for nights out! I usually head to Missguided as their clothes are so lovely and don't break the bank either! But now I'm on a mission to save my money for a shopping splurge in May! This will include clothes for my holiday and for a festival! I don't really know what styles to channel, as I've been styling outfits for Winter for so long now!

I'm not really self conscious but I know how it feels to be. I used to worry about the way my body looked so much. I used to get really downabout it and I expect some of you feel this way to?! These days when I think of how insecure I used to be, it baffles me! Growing up and becoming an adult has shown me that people come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes a good diet and exercise won't do anything about it! It's in your genes! A part of being confident is beginning to think that your body is beautiful, and trust me, it is. 

It doesn't matter how tall or short, how slim or wide you are, your body is beautiful! We have to accept that we look the way we look! After we've done that... We shop! *Gasp of excitement*

Shopping. A girls best and worst nightmare. 

I'm a size ten on average but in Primark jeans I'm a size twelve... So what?! It doesn't bother me! Why? Because I'm confident about my body. The more confident you feel about yourself, the more character you develop! Then you can adapt your style to the trends in fashion! 

Some of my all time favourite trends are the 90s, tartan, monochrome and recently pastel colours! A red tartan skirt is just my favourite thing! Ever! 

My favourite shopping stops are usually H&M, Missguided and Motel Rocks. I'm currently crushing on this print from Motel Rocks. I literally want everything available in this print!! 

Product of the Week

Pandora Grey Pearl Ring
It was a birthday present and I cannot go a day without it!

I hope you're all enjoying the Confident & Beautiful series so far! To view the other posts in the series so far, click on these links; skincare and makeup.

Just remember, fashion is for a second, but your body is forever, so learn to love it!

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Confident & Beautiful // Makeup

Welcome to the second post in the Confident & Beautiful series! This week we're focusing on makeup. Makeup is probably one of the best inventions (in my opinion) but some people may also see it as the worst. In my eyes, makeup has the ability to make you feel 100% better about yourself and can transform the way you look completely. Makeup has such a powerful impact on a person's confidence, it's almost astounding. However, some people rely on makeup so much that it ruins their confidence. They won't leave the house without a full face of makeup on. This shocks me sometimes, as I often go shopping barefaced or just with mascara on and my skin isn't perfect! Makeup is meant to accentuate your features, not camouflage your face!

Now, obviously on nights out, we all wear more makeup than usual... But day to day... Let your skin breathe sometimes! Sometimes I have makeup-less days, usually on Friday or Sunday. It's nice just to relax your skin! In the day time, I wear a different foundation to what I wear in the night time. The Bourjoir Healthy Mix Serum is lightweight, yellow toned (balances out my redness), and is moisturising due to the gel consistency! It's kind of ideal for me at the moment. I wear the shade 51 and it seems to be working a treat so far! The foundation has a light coverage but does even out my skin tone perfectly! I'm really enjoying using it this spring time! 

On a night out, I look for a foundation that makes me look good in photos and makes my skin look FLAWLESS (BeyoncĂ© reference)! I tend to go to Revlon for this. At the moment I'm making my way through a bottle of Revlon PhotoReady Makeup in the shade Shell. This foundation has a medium to full coverage and has light reflective particles to make your skin look 'photo ready' I guess! I do love this foundation! However, I prefer to use it in the winter as the light reflective particles don't look so glittery! For nights out in the Summer, I use Revlon ColorStay in a darker shade as I do, surprisingly, tan in the warmer months! 

In the summer my usual trick is a tinted moisturiser and some concealer! This year I've got my eye on CC Creams! Especially the Bourjoir 123 one.... You know the one I'm on about right? I saw Lisa Eldridge talk about it and I'm pretty much sold!! The concealer I'm in love with at this moment in time is surprisingly not from Boots! It's from MAC (I know, splashing out!) It's the Select Cover-Up Concealer in NW20! It's the most expensive concealer I've ever bought... But I think I'm in love with it... We'll I KNOW I'm I'm love with it! 

Wow... I didn't know I could write so much about my favourite base products! 

I really feel like creating the perfect base completes a makeup look! After doing my base, I usually pull out my Urban Decay Naked Palette, Avon SuperShock Gel Eyeliner and a Nivea lip balm or red lipstick! I am loving the Rimmel Moisture Lipstick in Diva Red.. It is stunning!! Makeup really does make me feel a lot better! It's a miracle on bad skin days and on good skin days we can really appreciate what our makeup does for us!

So define those eyes and accentuate that skin! Grab your highlighter and contour those cheekbones!! Makeup really can change the way you think about yourself!


Seventeen Cheek Stamp in Blushing
What a gorgeous colour! I have recently put down the bronzer and just been using this! 
Thank you for reading this post! I hope you're all enjoying the Confident & Beautiful series so far!
Read the first post in the series by clicking here.

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