Friday, 23 October 2015

Bullied, Controlled and Finding Myself

Being young and in a relationship has negative and positive points. It gives you a way of learning about so many aspects of life like socialising, love, heartbreak etc... But it can also be very restricting at times. Restricting someone from doing/saying/wearing something is emotional abuse. Remember that you are your own person and this is your life. This is my story of finding who I really was at 17 years old.

I've had relationships with peers and boyfriends in the past which really impacted on my state of mind. I didn't realise how much my past experiences had affected me until about 2 years ago. Being a teenage girl is never easy, I'm sure everyone can agree with that. There are so many pressures to start puberty, talk to boys, dress and act a certain way, when really you should be focusing on school and making solid friendships. Unfortunately, teenage girls are basically bullied into thinking they should wear certain clothes, some are pressured into smoking, others are even pressured into losing their virginity. It just has to stop.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Open University Experience // Weeks 1 & 2

Picture from my Tumblr page (I use Tumblr strictly for study motivation)

I cannot believe it is the end of my second week of uni... It has flown by and I have gone through so. Much. Material, you would not believe!! A230: Reading & Studying Literature is seriously a hefty amount of work but, I actually kind of love it (so far)! I've always known I love studying English, but I thought I was more of an English Language girl, but oh my word, English Literature is so interesting! I've only studied one of many (many) texts at this point and I already have so many notes with many different criticisms too! This is the nerd inside me but I love reading criticisms... UGH! Anyway taking a step back from this overly raving rant about English Lit. I will go on to tell you all how my first two weeks of being a second year student at The Open University have been.
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