Friday, 2 January 2015

Quick Update and 2015 New Year Resolutions!

So... I may have given myself a month off from blogging... Maybe even a little longer, but who's counting the days right?! I have had the most busiest month of essay writing and working non stop and catching up with friends and drinking too much. Now it's time to reign in the busy schedule, take a month off alcohol and clubbing, focus on money saving and continuing my university course. Happy New Year!

Being a 19 year old working part time in a fast food restaurant is thrilling around Christmas time (said no one ever)... This past month has been full of hectic food making and dealing with complaining customers who are aching for a free meal. I have seriously been rushed off my feet so I dread to think what my full time colleagues are feeling like. However, having working there for over two years, I am so thankful for being given the job because it has made me so much more confident with meeting new people. I would say the majority of my close friends I made in work. This is crazy. They've seen me happy, sad, angry, hyper and even pissed out of my brain on double vodka and lemonades. *Queue most embarrassing picture of me from 2014* Yet, they all still love me. (I'm using love because who doesn't love me?) It's lush to go to work and feel like you're catching up with your best friends.

2014 has been the year of dating for me. To be honest, it's been amusing but I'm still yet to find, "the one." Sigh... Tinder has been a hilarious part of this year and I have actually made a friend on there who I think I'll be talking to for a long time. This is crazy to me as I always thought Tinder was a joke and was almost certain nothing could come from it. I'll admit that I was wrong! I'm happy to announce I started 2015 with no regretful New Year's kiss in Wetherspoons, unlike the majority of everyone else in the pub...

Blogging after I dropped out of Swansea University earlier in the year is what drove me to do exactly what I dreamt of. So thankful for the support I have gained this year which has pushed me to study a degree I am so happy to study. I will be a best selling writer one day and you will all buy my book *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

2015 will be the year I:
1. Post at least twice a month on my blog
2. Continue studying to the best of my ability
3. Write a summary of every month in a notebook to look back on after the year
4. Spend time with people who mean the most to me
5. Be happy, successful and healthy.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I wish you all the greatest year ahead and I hope it's full of laughter and success! Thank you for continuing to support my blog. Happy 2015 you gorgeous bunch!

Thanks for reading! 

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Hannah x

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  1. I think the last one is so important. It's always important to be happy with yourself before everything else and to make sure you enjoy all those little moments of laughter. Great goals for the year!


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