Friday, 7 November 2014

How to Successfully Stay Organised

Browsing through Tumblr has led to me discovering the, "studyblr," tag. What a revolution. If you're feeling like crap and want to do nothing but sit in bed watching hours on end of Netflix, instead of doing that 2,500 word essay, search this tag on Tumblr. Now, if you have to! 

Studying at home can sometimes be a huge distraction in itself, but not anymore. I don't know what it is about a set of neatly written notes that can be so inspiring. Due to my discovery of these studyblrs, I thought I'd quickly show you a page from my planner and give you some organisation tips.


Don't put off buying a planner just because it's just another notebook. Get. One. Now. Write down all your assignments and their due dates. Plan your study schedules each week (as you can see in the below picture) and tick/cross them off once they're complete. I also highlight when I'm working so I can clearly see when I won't have any free time or study time. I'd also recommend giving yourself a day off, even you university people, we all need a break! Mine is this Sunday as I will be severely hungover that day and therefore unable to study. In the notes section of my weekly view, I also write down any assignment results I have. For example, I had 63 in my first open uni assignment ever, which I'm very happy with!


I don't know about you, but I need colour in order to feel motivated to read anything. I use coloured pens to tick off a complete activity on my daily to-do's. I use these cute Paperchase owl stickers to clearly mark out when my assignments are due in, which make them easy to find in my planner; they're not completely flat and act as a sort-of bookmark. I also use floral washi tape to decorate my planner as it just makes it cute and more appealing.


I have a separate desk in my room strictly for university work. This is my study area. I usually light a candle (at the moment it's Yankee Candle's Black Coconut), grab a drink and get my head down into my books. In the picture below I show my study set up for one of my Arts: Past and Present chapters on Cezanne. Again, I like to use coloured pens for essay plans and highlighting key facts.

So, this is how I currently stay organised whilst studying for my degree with The Open University. Hopefully I will be able to submit my essay tomorrow, nice and early! Do you have any study tips I could use? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! 

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Hannah x


  1. Just searched the tumblr tag and I have to agree it is so helpful. I often find it hard to stay motivated on writing assignments!


  2. This is a great post,has really motivated me to get more organised and stuck in to studying!! I am also an Open University student and know all too well the problems of struggling to focus.But you look to have yourself well organised, which has inspired me to get myself as organised!


  3. I use colour for everything when organising :) good luck with studying for your degree


  4. Such a useful post! I do all of the above and think using lots of colours is really important!



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