Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Study Space Essentials

Three weeks into my degree with The Open University and I am loving it. For those of you who don't know, The Open University offers a wide range of courses which you complete in the comfort of your own home. The fact that I can control when I study and where I study benefits my learning style completely. I am studying three modules this year; the arts past and present, beginner's German and English for academic purposes online. My first assignments are all due in, in the next two weeks so, I thought it would be interesting to show you where I work from - my desk.

I love working from my desk. Everything I want is at an arms length. Stationary wise, here are the pens I use most: polka dot pen from Paperchase, Bic pink, blue, green and purple ball points from Amazon and Sharpie yellow, orange, pink and blue highlighters from Staples. I am actually obsessed with these pens.

Other stationary bits I have been loving are Tipp-Ex correction fluid from Staples, flexible ruler from Wilkinsons, floral washi tape from eBay and page markers from eBay.

When it comes to notebooks, I have been using the Oxford Campus project book from WHSmith for all my main notes. The plastic dividers in this notebook are really handy to separate my work from each module. I also use these polka dot exercise books from Paperchase. One for German vocabulary, one for essay plans and one for new words and definitions. I'm finding them very useful at the moment.

Tech-wise, I have been truly and utterly fascinated by my wireless mouse. For some reason, I have been kept in the dark from wireless mice so I marched down to Morrisons and picked one up for £8. I must say, it was the best £8 I have ever spent.

I have also been enjoying organising my week thanks to my planner from WHSmith. I may even give in to the FiloFax hype one day...

Hope you've enjoyed looking at my study space faves!

Thanks for reading! 

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Hannah x


  1. I LOVE stationary and you've got some awesome picks here. I really think cute looking books and such help to keep you on track :)

    BTW - I've nominated you as one of my top 11 to recieve the Liebster Award! For more information and to take part see my post


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