Saturday, 14 September 2013

How to cope with friends moving to university..

This is a touchy subject. I am going to show you my top five tips on how to cope with your friends moving away. I didn't think I'd be so emotional when my friends moved away, but how I was wrong. My friendship group is massive and I'm only really close friends with a few people. One of my friends has moved away today, and he's not just down the road, he's miles away. It's so sad to know that I won't be seeing him until Christmas. You've got to realise, you won't be going out with them on the weekend, they'll have new friends. It won't end up just being you two at the end of the night, you'll have new friends. It's hard to think now, but in the next couple of weeks, you'll have a new friendship group, possibly a better friendship group.. One that shares your interests, and so will your friends.

#1 - Let them go! 

Don't moan to them constantly about how much you will miss them and don't want them to go! They will probably end up crying the first night, becoming unsociable  and transferring to a university closer to home within the first couple of weeks! You must remember they chose that university because they wanted to go there, so encourage them to go there and tell them that they will make tonnes of new friends!

#2 - Let them settle in!

The first couple of nights is when people socialise the most and get to know their flatmates. So don't text/call/skype/tweet them 24/7. They will not appreciate that and begin to think that you're an overly attached friend. You must remember university is where most people find their best friends, and I know, it sounds awful. If they're true friends, they will never lose contact with you.

#3 - Goodbye presents!

I believe that surprise presents will make your friends appreciate you so much more. A card with a personal note inside will make your friends know exactly how you feel about them moving away! Don't forget the, 'DON'T FORGET ME,' note underlined!! I also recommend a good picture of you both, one that can be put in their room for all their new friends to look at. A bottle of their favourite drink/alcohol. In university, you're not allowed to put nails in the walls, so how about some blue tac or sticky dots! Presents like these will all add up to the perfect package!

#4 - The last gathering!

Before you all leave for university, you have to all meet up together, just one last time before Christmas! How about drinks out? Film night? Board game night? Chinese? Pizza? Anything will do! Just make sure everyone enjoys and says their goodbyes! It's a sad time, but you have to make it fun for everyone as they will be feeling like they don't want to leave home.

#5 - Skype!

I cannot stress this enough. GET A SKYPE ACCOUNT! You can see them regularly, talk to them, show them things! You can even meet their flatmates, and vice versa! A weekly/fortnightly/monthly Skype session will prove that you are true friends and will always be in each other's lives, even when you are living miles away!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, good luck with university! Make some good lifelong friends!

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