Monday, 23 September 2013

My first day of university

The day arrived. I didn't think it would, but it did. The night before I was so nervous. Shakingly nervous. So nervous I started thinking I had made the wrong decision to go to university! 

But anyway, the morning came of my first day at university and it was a chilly start! I wore jeans, a peplum top and my leather jacket and got into my car. It was odd. I wasn't nervous. As soon as I got into my car all the scary feelings and mixed emotions disappeared. I suddenly thought, woah, this is it. A new start. This is where I am going to become me! 

I paid £2.50 for all day parking about 3 minutes away from the university so that was great! I walked in and went to my first meeting point to collect my welcome pack and meet the staff and students. Remember, I am living at home, so I knew no one. No one!! I looked around the crowd and thought to myself, I can't stand here alone for much longer! So I approached two girls. They turned out to be really lovely and told me how, 'brave,' I was for saying hello. 

I then had to go to another lecture theatre for the welcome talks from the Geography department. This talk was quite interesting and laid out the structure of the course and what modules were available! I made another friend who I sat next to in this talk! The first day seemed awkward, but funny when you think back at it!

Module selection 

All degrees have different ways of going about this. I was told that single honours first years have to choose a further 20 credits (usually two topics) to study on top of 100 compulsory credits. As I am doing joint honours, 110 of my 120 credits were already compulsory so I only had to pick one more module! The modules I am studying are:

  • Introduction to Social Policy: Social Problems and Welfare Institutions (20)
  • Concepts, Ideas and Ideologies in Social Policy: an Introduction (10)
  • Introduction to Social Policy: The Modern Era (20)
  • Sustainability in a fragile world (10)
  • Global environmental change: The human impact (10)
  • People Place and Nation (10)
  • Global Shifts: Towards a New World Order? (10)
  • Geographical skills (20)
  • Mobility and Migration (10) 
 I chose to take Mobility and Migration because that is the topic I'm really interested in at the moment and I do think it will be suitable for my future career. 

Student finance

Today is the date where I am supposed to get my first installment of my grant. Also people I know with loans get paid today as well. But I am still patiently waiting for the money to pop into my account. I feel as if I'm channelling my sensible side and I will be putting the money straight into a savings account so I don't spend it all at once!

Induction week

I was in university today 10am to 4pm, tomorrow 10am to 3.30pm, and then Wednesday 10am to 12pm. Not a bad first week! I will keep you updated on my university experience next Monday!

Thanks for reading!


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