Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Importance of Self-Appreciation

Self-appreciation is the quality of having respect for yourself. I believe that this is so important and definitely needs to be talked about more. In school, I was taught a lot about how to have healthy relationships, how to treat people nicely and how to act correctly in social situations... However, I cannot think of a time where I was told to appreciate myself and to look after me. The last year or so, I really have come to terms with the fact that you must love yourself before you can begin to care for anyone else. If you're not happy with yourself, and how you act/look, you'll never trust anyone enough when they compliment you. You know the feeling of doubt? Stop doubting every positive thing people say to you. Not everyone is out to get you. Okay, in fairness some people are just mean but most do genuinely mean they love your skirt and the way you did your hair today.

The top thing I changed was my attitude towards myself. I sat down and thought about things I liked about myself. It sounds like the ultimate cheese, but in all seriousness, try it! We all have at least one thing we like about ourselves! It could be your smile, your eyes, your laugh, ability to do a handstand, maybe you can even ride a bike with no hands (something I will never be able to do #clutz). Whatever it is, write it down on a piece of paper or the notes section on your phone. You might have one thing, or you might find out that you have 23 things that you like about yourself that you never even thought of! Okay, so look at your list, those things make you feel pretty good about yourself don't they?! You're fabulous, darling!

Example of a cheesy/corny self-appreciation list.
Once you have it figured out in your head that you're not the most weird person on this planet, you'll feel so much better. You'll look at yourself in a new light and with this new attitude brings a more approachable vibe. Not only will you feel more comfortable socialising but people will even feel more inclined to come up to you and introduce themselves... For example, Pete the creepy guy who just bought you a double vodka and lemonade at the bar, or Kirsty the drunk girl who found your MAC lipstick you just lost in the nightclub's toilets (Kirsty is bae, am I right?!)

Love yourself and believe you can achieve all your goals! If you need some encouragement, I know you've got this, you go get it gurrrl!!!

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  1. This is great, thanks so much for posting this. It is so sad that self-acceptance is not second nature to us. I really admire your positivity and well done for putting this out there!


    1. Aw thank you for those kind words! Everyone should definitely learn to love themselves more xx


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