Friday, 5 June 2015

Tropical Treats

The heat is cranking up, finally! I have also finally booked a Summer holiday. This means that new clothes are a must... Even if I already have clothes from last year... Please don't judge me. I've been seriously eyeing up tropical floral prints and swimwear. Desperate for bikinis and Summer clothing, I ran to the internet. Don't you just love how easy internet shopping is? Log on, your Paypal details are saved and with just a click of a button your items can be with you the next day. How satisfying. 

I headed over to Boohoo first as I always like to check their "new in" section. They had 20% off holiday clothes which was perfect! So I eagerly purchased this gorgeous playsuit. Long sleeves, light material, rose gold detailing that zips in that waistline and a stunning v neck which is super flattering. I'm kind of in love with this, so much that I might wear it before I actually go on holiday... Is it just me that buys holiday clothes and then tortures themselves into eventually wearing them not on holiday?! 

Shania Floral Textured V Neck Playsuit available from Boohoo.

I also had a midweek trip to TK Maxx. I rarely go to this shop but I love the homewear, candles, books and stationary sections. I saw this cami on display and fell in love with the floral print. It screams "holiday" to me. So I wondered over to the item and checked the price tag expecting £14.99 but was pleasantly surprised when the label said £4.99!! I put it straight in the basket!

I tried to find this top online but could only find a different styled top in the same print. It's v neck and a little longer for £9.99. It's still gorgeous and such a bargain!

Similar tropical print cami available for £9.99 from TK Maxx.

Lastly, I was in desperate NEED of new swimwear. Holidays = beach and pool. I'm the type of girl who needs to be up in and around that pool. Water activities are a hell yaaas! Also, I needed bikinis so I can get my tan on! I'm seriously pale and am looking forward to letting my skin turn at least one shade darker this year.

I found these bikinis both in New Look. The first one reminds me of the Instagram famous Triangl bikinis so I had to pick it up. It's white which I think will make me look way more tanned than I actually am. The second bikini is a blue and white patterned print and I love it. I love this style of bikinis as they feel so comfortable on. P.S. New Look give student discount!

New Look bikini top and bikini bottoms

New Look bikini top and bikini bottoms.

So these are my recent buys for my holiday. Literally in love with that playsuit. Keep looking at how pretty it is. Definitely will be wearing it before my holiday... Ooops! 

Hope you've all enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love love love pattern clothing, I will definitely be checking Boohoo! Your pictures are really great :)

    1. Boohoo have been having some beauts lately! Thank you so much, lovely!xx


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