Wednesday, 3 June 2015

YSL Ad Ban // Body Positivity

Driving home today I was shocked and upset to hear that the number of hospital admissions of teenagers with eating disorders has nearly doubled in recent years. I sat in my car and was simply horrified, to be honest with you. I thought I wish I could tell all these teenagers that they're beautiful and will continue to be that beauty no matter what their body looks like... Then I thought, I can tell them... I have a blog?! A slightly abandoned blog, may I add (soz not soz, uni calls).

So, this news story started with the story about a banned YSL advertisement *sigh... The media!*  The picture below shows the banned picture. The model, 18 year old, Kiki Willems, is in good health according to the fashion world. However, this well and good, what kind of message does this image portray to the younger generations? I'm glad that it has been banned. 

Picture from an article on The Telegraph: YSL fashion ban
Teenagers love the media. I'm 20 and, although, I hate to admit it, I live for knowing all about what's happening with the Kardashian's and what dress Rihanna wore to that award show. Popular culture is rife and addictive. These pictures of models do influence the way a person thinks about themselves; even the most self-confident can feel affected. I'm a huge believer that the media should show models of all body shapes and sizes.

Last year I started a series on this blog called Confident & Beautiful and I'm so glad I wrote those posts. They weren't only fun to write and create, but they also reflected my thoughts, as a 19 year old, that everyone has the right to feel confident. Still to this day, I will never diss anyone who is confident enough to post that killer bikini selfie on Instagram. You go gurl! We should all support each other, not trash someone for being comfortable in their skin! No matter what shape or size you are, you should werrrk it. Jealousy may arise, but, at the end of the day, you shouldn't take any notice. Ignore the mean comments and focus on yourself. There are nice people on this planet, trust me. Now, as Queen B would say, go put your freakum dress on!

Hope you enjoyed my comeback post. As always, thanks for reading!

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