Thursday, 5 June 2014

My Summer Scent

Last year I was on my way home from Spain and I spotted Red Jeans in the airport and I had to pick it up. This purchase was completely influenced by Barbara from The Persian Babe on YouTube. I have watched her for so long and ages ago she mentioned this perfume so I had to try it out. I have never had so many compliments whilst wearing this perfume. Friends, family, work colleagues, everyone asks what I'm wearing. I've even been described as 'the girl that smells like a worldie.' Charming!

The packaging is so cute. It comes in this tin which I like to keep as it looks nice in my bedroom! It would also be goo to keep makeup brushes or eyeliners inside once the perfume is empty! It then comes in a glass bottle with a pink liquid insides with a red lid. It looks so nice! 

Now I wouldn't know where to begin when describing the scent so I'm just going to take a quote from Boots:

'Top note: Peach, blackcurrent apricot, freesia
Heart: Violet, rose, lily of the valley
Base: sandalwood, vanilla, musk'

It literally smells divine. Perfect mix of florals and sweets. Buy here!

This is my second bottle of Red Jeans and it's officially my signature scent of summer. Brings back such lovely memories of my first summer holiday!

If you get a chance definitely smell this perfume as it's gorgeous and doesn't break the bank at under £15!

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