Monday, 23 June 2014

Makeup Review Monday // Collection Bronzer

Due to the sunshine I'm feeling like a bronzed goddess. I decided to look through my bronzer collection and came across this product from Collection, so I thought it would be perfect for a Makeup Review Monday's post here at Hannah Notes. 

If you're like me, in the Summer I love to tan. Makes me feel so happy and healthy. However, due to my extremely pale and red skin, my face doesn't seem to change colour. It stays pink and my nose goes red. Attractive. I discovered bronzers when I was sixteen/seventeen and I bought this shimmery one last year. Most of the bronzers I own are matte, so I thought one with shimmer would be ideal as I have dry skin, so it will make me look more dewy and healthy. 


The product is very shimmery, almost glittery... Which scares me. The top layer of the product is basically full on glitter. The bronzer is very pigmented and very orange. Too dark for my skintone sadly. However, as I don't like to use this product on my face, I thought about using it on my body. The glitter in the product acts as a highlighter. So I take a sweeping of this product down the middle of my legs to make them look longer and also dab a little on my collar bones. If I'm a bit tanned, it does work well on a night out. 


The packaging is good in my eyes. You get a lot of product (19g) so this will last you a lifetime. The packaging has recently changed but it's still the same bronzer! It's great for the amount you get and the price you pay.


£4.19 for a 19g product is amazing when compared to spending £27 on an 8g product, Nars Laguna Bronzer for example. Obviously the product isn't amazing, but it works well for your body. If you have a darker skintone it will look lovely too!

Thanks for reading! 

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