Saturday, 7 June 2014

Skincare and Holiday Haul

So I took a trip to Asda the other day to pick up new underwear for my holiday but I also found a few bits and bobs that took my fancy. If you don't know what Asda is, it's basically Walmart. If you don't know what Walmart is, it's a supermarket.

I love the underwear at George @ Asda, it's really good quality and true to size. I picked up a t-shirt bra for just £4 and it's way better quality than the cheap ones from Primark. I also picked up three pairs of knickers, as they were on offer 3 for £6. They're so comfy. If you're on a budget, check out Asda for underwear girls!

I then picked up a pair of plain white flip flops for laying around by the pool on holiday, for just £2. I picked up a pair last year from Primark and they were so comfy in the warm weather, so hopefully these are on parr with the Primark flip flops.

I also picked up a snake print dress for £12. Yes. £12! They had another really cute dress there for £8 with zebras all over it. I was tempted to but I settled for the snake print. This dress is perfect for on holiday as it's a thin material meaning that it will be cool in the warm weather. The back is also longer than the front which means no bums will be flashing anywhere haha!

I had a gander at the swimwear and wasn't going to buy anything. But then, I saw a bandeau bikini for £6. I had to pick it up. I live for bandeau bikinis, they're perfect for tanning in! No strap lines please!! How gorgeous is this lime green colour though??

I then popped to Boots and picked up some new moisturiser. I was looking for something tailored for dry skin and came across these Nivea beauts. I bought the day and night cream as my skin is getting quite crap lately and I'm on a mission to get it looking good for when I'm on holiday! So far, I'm loving the combination of the both! I also repurchased the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water as it is brilliant.

When I came home, my Avon delivery had arrived with my suncare bits. I have an SPF 50 sun cream, an aftersun spray and an SPF 30 lip balm which I can also use on my cheeks and nose. My skin is so fair and burns so easy. Must protect this!!

Hope you enjoyed my haul! Random last minute bits for my holiday woohoo!

Thanks for reading!

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Hannah x


  1. I'm loving the snake print dress, something I would buy for my holidays! Nice blog, thank you for stopping over at my blog!

    Dash xx
    Mode Lily

    1. No problem :) thank you so much, it's such a lovely material too!xx


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