Monday, 30 June 2014

Makeup Monday // L'oreal BB Cream

Hello you beautiful lot! Just letting you all know I'm on holiday (finally!!) So posts are scheduled for today, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday as normal. However, I won't be able to read comments, comment or talk to you all for a whole week!! I know it sounds so bad. I will miss blogging, but a break is always good! Hopefully my scheduling will go to plan, if there are any issues with the posts, I apologise deeply and will deal with any errors when I get back next Monday! Thank you for reading and let's get on to this makeup review!! 

It's July tomorrow which means Summer and Summer = light makeup bases. Am I right ladies? Last Summer I thought I'd try a BB Cream so I picked this one up from L'oreal. This was the lightest shade available so I thought there would be no problem...


Okay so the product itself comes out of the tube a white colour. It has these smart pigment capsules which blend to your skin colour....... Apparently. I tried it and it didn't work out too good. It was way too dark for my skin tone, which was disappointing as this was the lightest shade available. If you look at the pictures below you can see the colour difference on my hand. The product clinged to my dry patches and overall I just did not like the BB Cream.


The packaging is sleek and I love the metallic purple on the white tube. It really stood out to me in the store. However the fact that this is a squeezy tube means that you won't be able to get all of the product out of it. A quick tip would be once you've squeezed what you think is the whole of the tube out, cut across the tube and scrape out the rest of the product into a separate container for the next use. 


The price of this BB cream is £9.99. I just don't think it's worth it. It's not a great BB cream and you can find way better for a similar price.

You can buy this BB Cream from Boots by clicking here.

Thanks for reading! 

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