Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Lazy Girl's Hair Care Routine

Hair for me, is a huge chore. If I could afford to pay someone to do my hair for me everyday, I would. I hate doing it, I hate the effort it takes to look good and I had the process of drying it! Urgh... However, as I am a 'beauty blogger' I thought I'd take some time out from hating on my hair to write a post dedicated to it. Some of you may be very excited to read this, but others may not... I thought it was suitable for this blog as I've previously done a skincare routine post

Shower Products

Head & Shoulders shampoo is a must for my dry scalp. Why dandruff, why?! I also started using this conditioner from Lidl and wow, it is amazing. Makes my hair silky soft and you only need a small amount to coat your hair with. I would recommend this to anyone with dry and damaged hair.

Out Of Shower Products

This is the Lazy Girl's Hair Care Routine, so usually I'd just leave it dry by itself, no product or hairdryer necessary. On days where I actually need to do it I use this Anti Frizz Serum from Superdrug and put it into the ends of my hair and blow dry. I only ever straighten or curl my hair for interviews, date nights or going out so I only use hairspray then too. My favourite is this one by Pantene, number four! This paddle brush is essential for long haired girls like me. I picked it up from Avon.

That's it. Short and sweet. Ooozing laziness for all my hair lazy ladies out there! Wow that's a mouthful, hair lazy ladies, hair lazy ladies. Definitely pick up the Cien conditioner from Lidl next time you're in there, it's mega cheap too!! Don't use a massive blob though as it's uber nourishing and if you use too much your hair will look disgusting haha! You won't be disappointed if you use a little bit!

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I'm definitely going to remember this conditioner recommendation next time I run out! I'm obsessed with hair products. If you're looking for something to nourish dry hair try argan oil in place of your serum, you can pick it up really cheap and it made a huuuuge difference to mine! :) x


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