Friday, 4 December 2015

Keeping Fit During The Festive Season

At this time of the year, we're all searching for the amazing dress to wear to Christmas parties and wow everyone at New Years Eve. I thought I'd share with you all an app I've downloaded which helps me keep fit at home - no gym, in the comfort of your own home, and can be done whenever you're in the mood to go for it! It is called The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App - it is free to download on iPhone and Android. The workouts are made up of different exercises and you can do as many circuits as you want to. The app also gives you the opportunity to start with a warm up and end with a cool down - which is perfect if it's you're working out at home. 

The home screen of the app presents you with three options, firstly a straightforward, 7 Minute Workout - perfect if you have a busy day ahead of you! A smart workout which is formulated just for you according to your previous workout history. Then you have your workout library which is shown below - there are so many different workouts for different levels of fitness!

In the workout library, you have a tab called my custom workouts, This is my favourite feature of the app! You can easily chose your exercises, how many circuits and how long you want your rests to be. Here's an example of my weekly workout (I try to do this three times a week... But, in reality I sometimes, miss out a few days!)

The app is really good and I recommend it to everyone who has a busy life and not enough money for fitness classes or a gym membership!

What are your favourite fitness apps?

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