Thursday, 6 February 2014

University: Uncertain and Unbelievable

Okay so this post has been a long time coming. However, now is the right time to post this. University. My experience. Living at home.

I started university in September 2013 studying BSc Geography and Social Policy. I wasn't sure what career choice I wanted to make at that time and thought this joint honors programme would keep my options open. The first couple of months really did open my eyes to a new world. Mixing with people from all over the UK and even further than that like Australia and the USA. Simply amazing. University started off as fun and I had everything I wanted. Friends, a boyfriend, a place on a degree course!! However from November onwards things took a new route.

I began to come into myself more and realised that some of the choices that I made previously in the year were not what I wanted in life now. This can happen. People do change! Living at home during university has made me realise how much I love my family and my friends from my home town and how much I would not like to move away from home. I feel like from November I grew up and became an adult. Therefore my attitudes changed. For example, I'm too young for a serious relationship. I'm too young to realise what I want to do with the rest of my life. I'm too young! However society still puts pressure on teenagers to make their minds up quickly about their future plans! Sheesh... 

During my exam period I made very little effort, with revision only happening 30 minutes before an exam. I know. What a waste. But this week I had my exam results back and I actually passed three out of four exams which shocked me. Don't get me wrong, they were low passes, but a pass is a pass in the first year! I was thinking of dropping out of university, or dropping geography and just continuing with single honors social policy.. However now I'm unsure. Again.

All I am sure of is my part time job, my future plans to travel to Australia and I'm 100% sure I know who my friends are. I wouldn't change them for the world. I think before I took my friends for granted but wow, they really are the funniest, most caring people I've ever met. I'm so happy they are my friends. How soppy right?! What am I turning into?! Hahaha!

This post is just to highlight that we can change our minds. We cannot be certain over decisions we made in school/college about our future! Who knows what we'll all end up doing! 

Sorry about the rambly post... I needed to get that off my chest! Comment below what you are planning to do in the future! Uni, gap year, travelling, full time work? Whatever it is let me know!

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  1. Hi Hannah!

    Thank you for the comment on my blog :)
    It's funny because I have the exact same view of my first year as I get closer and closer to completing the semester. It's bitter sweet, university. Sometimes I wonder how different it would be had I chosen another route, but I guess that's just me daydreaming. Good luck xo


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