Monday, 15 February 2016

Prioritising and Playing Catch Up

It is no secret that Christmas and January for an Open University student (or any student) can be a huge MASSIVE distraction. I procrastinated last year and guess what? I procrastinated the same time this year! Joking aside, January was full of assignment deadlines, for which I had to prioritise my workload. It was difficult but I have come out smiling. Now I'm in the game of playing catch up, staying up to date with the current week's reading, as well as some chapters I may have skipped whilst prioritising. Today's post includes some hints and tips for students who are hardcore procrastinators, like me.

Read over the assignment requirements.

What materials do you need to read? Do any further research. Complete online activities and make notes, page mark important quotes etc.

Make a to-do list.

Nothing is more satisfying than ticking off/crossing out an activity off your list. My to-do list in January has been never ending - the joys!

Plan your assignments.

I'm talking colour coding, mind maps, lists, venn diagrams, tables, charts, anything that works best for you! I'm a lover of colour and mind maps, personally. The colour keeps me interested on the plan of action.

Shut off all distractions, sit down and write.

Get your first draft out there. Complete your references, check your format requirements. Take a break, maybe have a sandwich and a glass of water, look back over your essay and edit until you're happy with your submission. Send it off and breathe.

Make a new list of things you need to catch up with.

Prioritise your workload so you cover the most important points. Make notes of things you think may pop up in future assignments/exams.

These five steps truly have motivated me to get back into the swing of studying. It is so difficult to focus over the Christmas period, I understand that (trust me)! Changing your mindset and making lists is exactly how to get back on track and boss your reading list!

Hope this post helped you! Do you have any study tips to share?

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  1. This was definitely needed, I feel like I'm really losing study motivation out here. It's so hard to sit down and work with no distractions, but it's always the most productive way.

    1. Glad it helped, sitting down and forcing yourself to actually do the work is the best thing to do. Hiding my phone is something I always do if I have a big deadline coming up! x


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